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Exploring the North Perth Basin

The Macallum Group have the skills and experience to identify, evaluate and develop opportunities around the globe; it is from this knowledge that the potential of the North Perth Basin was identified, and why Macallum New Energy was born.

We're optimistic about the size and quality of the natural gas resources available within our license, and we're confident we have the right team with the experience and industry knowledge required to capitalise on what we believe has the potential to be one of the largest Permian gas plays in the North Perth Basin.

MNE are committed to being a sustainable organisation, and pioneering new and innovative techniques to investigate the presence of natural hydrogen (also referred to as white hydrogen, gold hydrogen or geologic hydrogen) will play a major part not only for our investors, but for the environment in a greener economy. Some of the equipment and exploration techniques developed and in development through our research are unique and not commonly employed in the market. Natural hydrogen is a cost efficient, carbon net-zero renewable energy source, uncompromised by the need for industrial processes seen in the production of green hydrogen and blue hydrogen. The proprietary knowledge created through our funded research will benefit all stakeholders.

Throughout all of our exploration operations and research, we have implemented rigorous environmental policies and practices that we will continue to do so through to production; we are also committed to maintaining all obligations with native title and land holders. By operating with the highest environmental and innovative standards, we are reducing our exposure to environmental risks, which could impact our operations and the long-term value of our business. Our approach helps to differentiate us from our competitors.

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